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Unsolicited Testimonials and Case Studies

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at SMB for so many years (17+) of dependable, uncomplicated professional service. So much of my success has come from your support over the years. Again, Thank You!"  - SMB Client        Unsolicited Testimonials and Case Studies

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Unsolicited Testimonials of SMB's Clients

  • "I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at SMB for so many years (17+) of dependable, uncomplicated professional service. So much of my success has come from your support over the years. Again, Thank You!" - SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "SMB Medical Billing is 100% operational and here to serve our clients. We are taking all precautions and there will be absolutely no delay in the work we do for you. We will remain working and have the ability to adapt as needed, we foresee no down time at all. SMB's US-based billers, systems, security, and billing infrastructure has 20 years of work experience. What this means to you is that SMB will continue to maintain your cash flow/reimbursements with our 20 year record of 3% 90-day and 1% 120-day receivables. Thank you for your business, Glen Sands and Cheryl Sands"
  • "I am a believer now. The 90-day Account Receivable (AR) rate is the important cash Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Now that I am using SMB and focused on that KPI, the cash in my bank account has dramatically increased!" - Current SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "I am thrilled with SMB's work. My Revenue has increased 80% since starting with SMB!" - Current SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "Now that I have partnered with SMB Medical Billing, my reimbursements are up over $500,000. Reason: SMB uses humans to process claims, not computers!" - Current SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "I am just so excited about the newletters you send out! They are so great and informative. I look forward to them!" - Current SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "We have been extremely pleased with SMB medical billing services. Your company has surpassed our expectations!! Our biller is great to work with." - Current SMB Medical Billing Client.
  • "I wanted to express how pleased I am with how easily my use of your service has transitioned over the years with introduction of new technology and government regulations. The ability to have quick response emails and to be able to get a person on the phone as needed - reflects upon your company in a very good light. I will pass along my recommendation of your service to any friend/colleagues that are in need of this type of service; specially those colleges who plan on using a billing service for more than a year." - Says a current SMB Medical Billing client of 7 years.
  • "Now, that SMB Medical Billing is working for me, I am collecting from the insurance companies and CMS what they righfully owe me for my services." - Current SMB Client
  • "I would like to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful and knowledgeable group of people you have at SMB that handle our facility. " - Current SMB Client
  • "Our SMB Biller is a totally remarkable person. She has taken a very difficult client and helped us in so many ways. I doubt there is an office anywhere in the United States that have had the turn over in staff that we have had. Our Biller has worked with each and everyone in a very pleasant and professional manner. She has worked with us on everything from super bills, CCI edits and diagnosis codes. She patiently waits for the demographics that should be been sent with the super bills and never gets upset." - Current SMB Client
  • "My practice is being sold to a young podiatrist with very little business knowledge. Our SMB Biller has done a great job of helping get everything ready for the sale and take over by the new owner. She has answered a million questions. I just wanted you to know how special She is and how much I appreciate everything the entire SMB organization has done for us." - Current SMB Client
  • "I have been using SMB's Podiatry Billing Service for nearly 10 years. I always get the best service. They are always there to answer any questions, and they treat my patients and my desires on how to handle particular situations with the utmost respect." - Current SMB Client
  • "The reason I do business with SMB Medical Billing is their knowledge of how to do podiatry medical billing. And for the quick turnaround of answers to my questions. This gets my practice paid, paid correctly and paid quickly." - Current SMB Client
  • "I want to express my gratitude to the patient, knowledgeable and responsive staff at SMB. Thank you for your patience and expertise." - Current SMB Client
  • "My claims now getting paid. My old billing company, one that is always highly listed by the Google's search engine, could not get my claims paid. SMB - you get them paid!!! Thank you!" - Current SMB Client
  • "My AR and cash flow has been the best since switching to SMB!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Happy New Year SMB! Thank you for a wonderful partnership! Best decision I have ever made!"- Current SMB Client
  • "I found out that PracticeFusion is selling my patient and practice information to my competitors. I switched to SMB to keep my practice and patient information private!" - Current SMB Client
  • "SMB's SimplyPodiary and Simply EHR has increased the productivity of my practice!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Customer Service is always great!" - Current SMB Client
  • "I love dealing with SMB!" - Current SMB Client
  • "My collections and cash flow has greatly improved!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Our billing agent is fantastic!" - Current SMB Client
  • "I recommended SMB to other colleagues because I am pleased with the service I get from SMB!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Exceed my expectation. Always gets results. Staff is friendly and courteous!" - Current SMB Client
  • "My cash flow is very good - now that I use SMB!" - Current SMB Client
  • "With SMB, my practice has true financial hope!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Why do I recommend SMB to my colleagues? Three reasons: 1. Knowledge of podiatry billing; 2. Ease of using the service; 3. Friendliness of all employees!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Our billing agent is fantastic. Customer service is always great and I always get the answers to my questions. Everything always gets done quickly. I love dealing with SMB!" - Current SMB Client
  • "SMB really understands the unique aspects of my podiatry practice. This is important because it allows me to maximize my reimbursements." - Current SMB Client
  • "I like having my own personal biller and the fact that my biller has an expert team backing her up." - Current SMB Client
  • "SMB really works the Accounts Receivables (Aging). This has dramatically increased my revenue. Thanks, SMB" - Current SMB Client
  • "Having real-time access to my patients' ledgers allows me to collect copays prior to encounters." - Current SMB Client
  • "I like being able to call SMB and getting up-to-date expert advice." - Current SMB Client
  • "SMB's service has allowed me to expand my practice and make more profit." - Current SMB Client
  • "With the money from the increasing reimbursements, I can now pay of my Office Manager that She is worth." - Current SMB Client
  • "Thanks for the quick response. This type of access to your office has made my transition a pleasurable transition. I wanted to let you know that I am completely satisfied with the services that SMB has provided. I would not hesitate to recommend SMB to my peers." - Current SMB Client
  • "Without you guys we will not eat! No one has time to really stay on top of billing issues except you all." - Current SMB Client
  • "Our AR was out of control until SMB took over. After a few months revenue was up and AR was down. Now after 3 years I would not practice without them." - Current SMB Client
  • "Great work and very helpful staff members." - Current SMB Client
  • "SMB has completely streamlined the billing process. Each aspect is completed in a timely manner. I should have switched over years ago!" - Current SMB Client
  • "Keep up the good work - what I like best is SMB's attention to detail." - Current SMB Client
  • "My first service was a "cheap" biller and it almost ruined my practice. Thank you SMB for saving me and my practice by dramatically increasing my reimbursements!!!" - Current SMB Client

Increase profits and revenue - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The Practice was not receiving its rightfully due reimbursements from government and insurance payors.

  • Reasons: The massive amount of regulations, rules, procedures and constant changes by government and insurance payors confuse the Practice's time strapped office staff. The payors used aggressive tactics to challenge and delay reimbursements to the Practice. In many cases, the office staff had to choose between serving the patients or holding on the phone for over an hour with the payors to get the EOB issues correctly resolved.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said they needed a service that would protect the Practice's interest and represent the Practice to the government and insurance payors. The service needed to be current and understand all of the payors' massive regulations, rules, procedures and constant changes. The service also needed the skills and perseverance to maximize the Practice's rightfully due reimbursements.

  • SMB Provides: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: SMB stopped the payors' practice of bundling procedures and increased the Practice's reimbursements from these procedures 50% to 100%. For other procedures, SMB increased the Practice's reimbursements from payors by 20%.

Consistent daily cash flow - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and Practice Manager

  • Critical Issue: The cash flow to the practice from payors was sporadic and unpredictable. This created challenges for the practice to make payroll and paying bills.

  • Reasons: Their current billing service would not process claims in a timely manner. One week they would process claims only on Mondays. Another time the billing service would hold claims for two to four weeks. This all depended on the billing services profitability needs not the Podiatry practices cash flow needs.

  • Capabilities: Doctor and Practice Manager said they needed a service that processes all of their claims quickly and routinely.

  • SMB Provides: SMB provides the Doctor and Practice Manager with this capability. SMB processes all claims within a 48 hour business day window.

  • Results: The cash flow to the practice is now timely and regular. No more cash flow peaks and valleys. No more worrying about making payroll or paying bills.

Expand Practice - Case Study

  • Situation: Two Podiatrists

  • Critical Issue: The Doctors wanted to expand their practice to include additional locations.

  • Reasons: They felt that the additional location would allow them to grow their practice, increase their profits and cash flow.

  • Capabilities: The two Doctors said they needed to receive the correct amount of reimbursements from payors that was rightly due them. They were tired of receiving less for their services than they were promised. The extra cash flow would allow them to expand to another location.

  • SMB Provides: SMB provides this capability. The expertise of SMB's billers and the constant feedback from billing in all States and CMS regions maximizes reimbursements for SMB's clients.

  • Results: Cash flow increased by 30% and the Doctors expanded their practice to another location. This increased their profits and grew their practice.

Financial Freedom - Case Study

  • Situation: A Podiatrist and his wife whom is also the Office Manager.

  • Critical Issue: The Podiatrist and his wife felt they did not have the income from the practice to fully enjoy their lives.

  • Reasons: Insuance companies and CMS (payors) were not reimbursing them the full and correct amount owed to them for services rendered.

  • Capabilities: The Podiatrist and his wife said they needed a billing service which had the expertise to collect all they were owed.

  • SMB Provides: SMB provides the podiatry billing expertise to maximize their reimbursements.

  • Results: The Doctor and his Office Manager (wife) now have the fiancial freedom they wanted that comes from running a profitable podiatry practice.

Pleasant work environment - Case Study

  • Situation: Doctors and staff of a podiatry practice.

  • Critical Issue: The environment at work was tense and unpleasant.

  • Reasons: The revenue was down. The time, effort and hassle required to collect the correct reimbursements from the payors was despised. And, everyone was afraid of losing their jobs.

  • Capabilities: The practice manager said they needed a billing service that kept accounts receivables to less than 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days.

  • SMB Provides: SMB provides a dedicated account receivables department that monitor each claim daily and quickly turns around all paperwork.

  • Results: The practice AR rate is less than 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days. Revenue is up, the environment is pleasant and everyone's job is safe.

Receivables too High - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The large amount of money the Practice had tied up in account receivables of over 90 days was unacceptable.

  • Reasons: The Practice's government and insurance payors as well as patients were not promptly paying the Practice. The reasons for this were many and varied. They included: the Practice had trouble routinely and consistently contacting the payors; the Practice was at a severe disadvantage when trying to aggressively negotiate with the payors on disputed EOBs; errors that creep into the system were not discovered for 90 days or longer; etc.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said that they need a service that tracked the status of all reimbursements within their account receivables and take immediate action if the process for payment to the Practice stalled at any point.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: SMB has reduced the Practice's outstanding 90 day account receivables balance to less than 3% of the Practice's total reimbursements.

Podiatry Billing Expertise is important - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor, his own Podiatrist Practice

  • Critical Issue: Doctor's current billing service did not understand the unique aspects of podiatry billing.

  • Reasons: He was using a medical billing service that did not understand the unique aspects of podiatry medical billing. Thus, whenever the Doctor needed to know how to code his Superbill to correctly reflect the services rendered; his billing service could not correctly nor quickly answer his questions.

  • Capabilities: He said he needed a service that knows the unique aspects of podiatry medical billing, and can advise him on how other podiatrists across the country are coding their Superbills. So, when he needs information that is critical to him and his Practice, he quickly gets the correct answer.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides him a service that specializes in podiatry billing and podiatry medical coding expertise.

  • Results: His reimbursements are up 31% and Medicare has no issues with the coding of his Superbills.

Scheduler - Case Study

  • Situation: Two Podiatrists and their office staff.

  • Critical Issue: A Patient is standing at the counter - wanting to make an appointment and asking questions about how much they owe for past services.  Neither the Doctors nor the office staff can answer the Patient ́s questions.

  • Reasons: The Practice ́s outside billing service ́s computer contains the information, but neither the Doctors nor the office staff have access to either the service ́s computers or the information on their own computers.

  • Capabilities:  Doctors and the office staff said that they needed a service that would allow them to access their Practice ́s Patient and Billing Information (i.e. Ledgers, Demographics, etc.) easily and quickly from the Internet.  They also said that this process must use free and standard software on their Microsoft Windows computers.  They went on to state that, at all times, the Patient and Billing Information must be secure, HIPAA compliant, and protected from identity thieves.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides these capabilities and safeguards.

  • Results: Patient ́s questions, as well as Doctors questions, are quickly and easily answered.  The Practice now has total information about each Patient and Billing Claim available on their Microsoft Windows computer.  The information is easily, quickly and securely accessible from a secure web site.

Reduce Workload - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The Doctor and Office manager did not have enough time to handle the most important tasks; such as appropriate patient's needs and requests, etc.

  • Reasons: There are only so many hours in a day. The Doctor and the Office Manager were very busy handling reimbursement issues. It is important for a Practice to get paid for services rendered in order to stay in business. But, it is more important to take care of appropriate patients' needs, networking with other healthcare providers, and other critical tasks.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said that they needed a service that would process, bill, collect and balance the reimbursements for the Practice. They needed a service that in a professional and patient-affirming manner handled patients' billing questions. Plus, they wanted validation via daily reports about the service's activities to give them the assurance and confidence that the Practice's interests were processed and protected.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: The Doctor now has the extra time available for patients that he use to spend each day worrying about reimbursement issues. The Office Manager now saves 2.5 hours on phone calls each day handling patient billing questions. This is in addition to all of the time saved spent on the phone with payors and training they took about the rules, regulations, procedures and constant changes from government and insurance payors.


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