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Free Podiatry Scheduler for SMB Clients

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at SMB for so many years (17+) of dependable, uncomplicated professional service. So much of my success has come from your support over the years. Again, Thank You!"  - SMB Client        Unsolicited Testimonials and Case Studies

Doctor working with SMB's Scheduler
Doctor working with SMB's free scheduler

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Free, Real-time, cloud-based Podiatry Medical Scheduler


SimplyPodiatry™ Medical Scheduler is an innovative solution to streamline your practice ́s scheduling. Now, you are able to schedule patients faster, from multiple locations while obtaining transparent oversight of your entire operation.

Reduces Workload by

  1. A Scheduler specifically designed only for Podiatrists
  2. Cuts appointment entry time from 15 minutes to 1 minute
  3. Intuitive navigation
  4. Less time on phone

Reduces costs by

  • Free with service
  • Save computer, software, maintenance and data entry costs
  • Better scheduling of support staff and resources

Increasing reimbursements by

  1. Better management of procedures scheduled
  2. Better management of insurances types scheduled
  3. Knowing if scheduled patient has an outstanding balance

Increase financial confidence by

  • Precision forecasting of workload
  • Access to schedule from any location or time you have access to the Internet
  • Real-time patient balances to allow you to collect with patient visits your office

Subset of Scheduler ́s features

  1. Cloud-based
  2. Supports multiple sites
  3. Supports multiple resources
  4. Complete, real-time oversight by practice management
  5. Integrates with SimplyPodiatry™ Patient Database
  6. Integrates with SimplyEHR™
  7. Multiple views of schedule
  8. Schedule is backed-up on multiple servers at multiple locations
  9. 2048-bit encryption of data over the Internet, which is HIPAA compliant
  10. Print schedule
  11. Export schedule to MS Excel, PDF or MS Word

Scheduler - Case Study

  • Situation: Two Podiatrists and their office staff.

  • Critical Issue: A Patient is standing at the counter - wanting to make an appointment and asking questions about how much they owe for past services.  Neither the Doctors nor the office staff can answer the Patient ́s questions.

  • Reasons: The Practice ́s outside billing service ́s computer contains the information, but neither the Doctors nor the office staff have access to either the service ́s computers or the information on their own computers.

  • Capabilities:  Doctors and the office staff said that they needed a service that would allow them to access their Practice ́s Patient and Billing Information (i.e. Ledgers, Demographics, etc.) easily and quickly from the Internet.  They also said that this process must use free and standard software on their Microsoft Windows computers.  They went on to state that, at all times, the Patient and Billing Information must be secure, HIPAA compliant, and protected from identity thieves.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides these capabilities and safeguards.

  • Results: Patient ́s questions, as well as Doctors questions, are quickly and easily answered.  The Practice now has total information about each Patient and Billing Claim available on their Microsoft Windows computer.  The information is easily, quickly and securely accessible from a secure web site.

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Scheduler Demo

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