Cloud-based practice management system

Talon – for Podiatry Practices

Our Talon Software includes a cloud-based claim information system and podiatry scheduler, and use of both is included with our services.

Our easy-to-use cloud-based practice management system allows you to quickly and easily access billing metrics and appointments as well as quickly search patient and account information.

Designed specifically for podiatry practices, the practice management system supports multiple sites and allows you to access your accounts from any browser on any machine. Use the system to reduce costs by saving on software and data entry costs while monitoring accounts receivables in real time and improving management of procedure and patient scheduling.

Free to clients


Monitor A/R in real-time

Streamline scheduling

Improve efficiency

In addition to the practice management system, our cloud-based podiatry scheduler is designed to streamline your practice’s scheduling. It allows for viewing of the schedule by day, week, or month as well as by doctor and facility. It also includes the ability to create and print superbills directly from the scheduler.

Improve your scheduling with drag-and-drop capabilities for moving or canceling appointments. Block off time for vacations or lunches and access the scheduler anywhere and from any device. Use the scheduler to improve the efficiency of your practice by dropping appointment entry time from 15 minutes to 1 minute.

With access to both of these tools, you’ll be able to manage your practice with professionalism and efficiency.

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