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"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at SMB for so many years (17+) of dependable, uncomplicated professional service. So much of my success has come from your support over the years. Again, Thank You!"  - SMB Client        Unsolicited Testimonials and Case Studies

Overworked Doctor
A Doctor who needs to reduce their workload.

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Save Time Dealing with Patients

  • Answering patients' questions about their podiatry bill.
  • Reminding delinquent accounts to pay their bill.
  • Help Desk specifically trained to work with older Medicare Patients - What this means is, the older patient will understand your statement, not fight you.
  • Creating and mailing statements for patients.
  • All workers are in the United States - What this means is, the people who are working the outstanding A/R understand and can communicate with payors to resolve issues quicker.

Saving Time Handling Payors

  • Outlasting payor delaying tactics such as long telephone hold times.
  • Aggressively appealing incorrect reimbursements to payors for proper payment.
  • Quick turnaround of claim paperwork between - primary, secondary, tertiary payors and patient billing - What this means is, no money is "left on the table" and thus in your pocket.
  • Human expert podiatry billers monitor all EOB's and claim payments for correct, appropriate and timely reimbursements.
  • Data Entry of patient information, diagnostic and procedure codes for claims submittal.

SMB Systems Saves You Time

  • Electronic transmittal of claims to correct payors (Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies) for reimbursements.
  • SMB's Total and real-time transparency of all SMB's work on your claims. This means that you save time getting answers to your questions.
  • Practice Management System built for Podiatrists by SMB.
  • Included: 24/7 real-time web access to current billing data.
  • Included: 24/7 real-time web access to current patient information.
  • Included: 24/7 real-time web access to your scheduler.

SMB Procedures Saves You Time

  • SMB's record setting A/R results of 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days - What this means is, your money is in your pocket not the payors' pockets.
  • Human expert podiatry billers monitor all encounter forms or EHR/EMR generated claim information for correct, appropriate and up-to-date diagnostic and procedure codes.
  • Data Entry of patient information, diagnostic and procedure codes for claims submittal.
  • Tracking claims and reimbursements to ensure timely payment by payors.
  • Reviewing Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to ensure that your claims are being correctly reimbursed.
  • Documenting, in real-time, all work that SMB does for you.
  • Always available to handle any questions, concerns or changes from either of you.

Reduce Workload - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The Doctor and Office manager did not have enough time to handle the most important tasks; such as appropriate patient's needs and requests, etc.

  • Reasons: There are only so many hours in a day. The Doctor and the Office Manager were very busy handling reimbursement issues. It is important for a Practice to get paid for services rendered in order to stay in business. But, it is more important to take care of appropriate patients' needs, networking with other healthcare providers, and other critical tasks.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said that they needed a service that would process, bill, collect and balance the reimbursements for the Practice. They needed a service that in a professional and patient-affirming manner handled patients' billing questions. Plus, they wanted validation via daily reports about the service's activities to give them the assurance and confidence that the Practice's interests were processed and protected.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: The Doctor now has the extra time available for patients that he use to spend each day worrying about reimbursement issues. The Office Manager now saves 2.5 hours on phone calls each day handling patient billing questions. This is in addition to all of the time saved spent on the phone with payors and training they took about the rules, regulations, procedures and constant changes from government and insurance payors.

SMB Rejects the Automated Scrubbers Trap


Definition - Automated Scrubbers are computer programs that EHR and other automated claims programs use to automate insurance claim processing.

Fact - According to CMS's medicare coverage database, there are over 471 million different coding combination that podiatrists must follow to correctly file claims. This number increases exponential when the 16 different medicare districts and all of the commerical insurances are included. No computer program can handle this many code combinations just for podiatrists.

  • SMB's Expert Billers handle all changes in the insurance claim rules - Insurance claim rules change every 3 months, Automated Scrubbers require the practice to locate, research and notify the computer programmers of changes in insurance claim rules.
  • Expert human billers handle false negatives - Automated Scrubbers can flood your staff with false negatives. This leads to an environment where problems are ignored because the staff thinks it is just another false negative.
  • Automated Scrubbers will flag for information changes when the claim is correct - No need to worry about this with SMB's expert billers.
  • There are be situations when two separate errors override each other and the claim scrubber may fail to edit for either problem SMB's expert billers review the information on the claim and determine whether it is complete and error free.
  • Automated Scrubbers remove multiple edits from the claim scrubber to “get claims out the door.” - SMB's expert billers handle multiple edits with ease.

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Dramatic Stress Reduction


The excessively heavy workload causes some Podiatrists to feel very nervous and extremely uncomfortable. The ugly sights of tall stacks of required paperwork make other Podiatrists see red. The cries of distressed anguish filled the air of their offices late at night.

With SMB's skillfully handling billing issues with patients and payors for our clients, and by providing both systems and procedures specifically created to reduce workload for podiatrists, SMB has a well-deserved reputation of dramatic stress reduction for SMB's Clients.

One SMB client states; "Now, I, as I'm sure you as a future SMB client will, feel calm and relaxed". Another client says that now, "all is quiet in the office late at night, for all have gone home."; A third client's testimony is: "I clearly see a bright future with the stacks of paperwork gone, being processed by the experts at SMB".

Improving Patient Relationships


Podiatrists who came to SMB felt that they needed a way to better connect with their patients. They could hear the patients' frustration in their voices. They saw the angry looks from their patients.

SMB's well-deserved reputation of dramatically improving patient relationships for SMB's Clients is achieved by doing three things well:

  1. An aptitude for working with patients.
  2. Mastery of maneuvering through the payors' mazes.
  3. Providing both systems and procedures specifically designed to reduce podiatrist's workload.

This is important, for with less workload, SMB's Podiatrists have the time to cultivate patient relationships.

SMB has been told that SMB's Clients now hear from happy patients. As written on a client's evaluation form: "We feel that our patients are comfortable now that we have switched to SMB's service." Another observed: "The angry looks are now gone!"

Expand Practice


Everyone would like to expand their practice without adding to their workload. They feel that if they could off-load their workload, the strain of expanding their practice would be lifted. The picture for others would come into focus. We hear a resounding scream for help when talking to Podiatrists before they become clients.

Many of SMB Clients have expanded their practices to include additional doctors and staff; upgrade their facilities; or add additional locations by off-loading their workload to SMB. SMB understands how to work with patients and payors on billing issues. SMB's systems and procedures reduce your workload. With the dramatic reduction in workload, SMB's Clients have the time to expand their practice.

Because SMB has helped it clients expand their practice, they feel secure in their operations and future. We have been told, "Our operation is now purring along which is music to my ears!" Also, "Now, that the sight of tall stacks of paperwork are gone, we can change our focus to creating a bright future."

Achieved a Lifestyle Equilibrium


A lot of Podiatrists are having trouble balancing the workload demands of their practice and their desired lifestyle. They want to feel like they are successful without feeling like a slave to all of the twisted minutiae of billing issues. We hear the wishing for a more personal time in the voices of those who call us. Also, "My future is very dull and hazy because I cannot see a way to a brighter path because of all the time spent on paperwork!"

SMB's Clients have achieved an optimize balance between work and their personal life. SMB reduces workload by interacting with patients and payors about billing issues. SMB's systems and procedures are organized to dramatically reduce workload.

With lifestyle equilibrium, SMB's Podiatrists see a bright future. They describe a new harmony between work and play. Also; "With SMB handling our billing workload, we now have a solid balance that reconnects us to our desired lifestyle."

Concentrate on Patients' Needs


The dramatically increased workload of today's Podiatry practices is keeping Podiatrists from spending the time as they should working with patients and their needs. We hear, "Our workload is causing a lot of static noise." "It is a strain to shoulder both the increased workload and patients' needs." Some Podiatrists portray a picture of unhappiness at not focusing more on patients' needs.

Because they use SMB's services, SMB Clients are given the freedom to concentrate on their patients' needs. SMB interacts with patients and payors on billing issues. SMB's systems and procedures are organized to allow our clients to spend more time on patients' needs if they so choose.

Current SMB Clients notice the increased time they have to now spend on patients' needs as they want to. "After signing with SMB, we feel that we are now solidly in touch with our patients." "By using SMB, we observe that our patients receive a greater share of our daily focus." Finally, "We are hearing great things from our patients now that we are able to listen to them without the interfering static noise of the billing workload."

Do More Procedures


SMB gets calls from Podiatrists expressing a desire to be freed of the billing workload so that they may do more procedures with the freed-up time. As portrayed, "We need to see a path that allows us to envision a future with more procedures and less paperwork." They can be heard saying, "The distracting babble of billing issues tune out our ability to do more procedures." When talking to non-client Podiatrists, SMB is always shocked at the despair some Podiatrists feel by not having the time to do more procedures.

SMB's systems and procedures dramatically reduces the workload of a practice. SMB's handling of billing issues with patients and payors also greatly lessens a practice's workload. Because the workload on a practice is reduced, Podiatrists have more time to do more procedures.

SMB's Podiatrists enthusiastically say that they are now able to do more procedures. They feel happy that they have turned the corner. Also relayed to us; ""The future is now shining brightly."

Enjoy Your Work


Problems with billing issues cause a lot of Podiatrists not to enjoy their work. Office managers call us and tell us of the shrill cries of anger when talking to insurance companies. We can envision the sad expressions in the callers' faces. As quoted, "The pain of handling billing issues is causing us to hate coming to work each day."

By providing medical billing services to SMB's clients, our clients are freed to enjoy their work once again. SMB's experts reduce clients' workload by off-loading patients' billing and payors' reimbursement paperwork and issue resolutions. As said by one of SMB's Clients, "SMB's systems and procedures saves me a lot of time and makes getting information easy."

SMB's customers now are free to enjoy their work. Examples of quotes: 1) "With SMB's experts on the job, I no longer have the tension resting in my shoulders!" 2) "The sounds from my interviews have changed from squawks to pleasant music!" Lastly, "As I now survey my office, a new and brilliant color has reappeared to my work."

Do More Marketing


Some Podiatrists tell us that they need more time to do marketing. They felt that by doing more marketing, they would be able to push their profitability higher. By reducing their billing workload, they envision a future where they get to network with other providers for their referrals.

Reducing workload to obtain the time to market and work on referrals has been achieved by SMB's customers. SMB's shoulders the burden of interacting with patients and payors on billing issues. SMB's systems and procedures garner time for clients to focus their efforts on marketing tasks.

With increased in marketing and referrals, SMB's clients have stated: "This is great! We love the sounds in the office from the increase hum of business". Also; "I now have the space to zoom in on creating a better image of my practice." Lastly, "It is nice to have the time to form and mold my practice's future!"

Specializes on Tasks that Bring Recognition


Some Podiatrists are looking for a way to specialize on tasks or procedures that bring recognition. "Workload demands are cramming my ability to perform more surgical procedures," explained one Doctor. Another said that he keeps hearing that tiny voice in the back of his head reminding him that he does not get praise for arguing with payors. Another's eyes glaze over when he has to show payors the errors of their ways.

The four reasons SMB's clients are now able to specialize on tasks that bring recognition are:

  1. An aptitude of interacting with Patients
  2. SMB Experts at handling billing issues with payors
  3. SMB's systems
  4. SMB's procedures

They now have the increased space to do what is needed.

SMB's clients testimony give voice to their applauds for reducing their workload. Without the billing issues hanging over their heads, they observe a wide open path where it was previously closed. "It gives me a warm and comfortable feeling to work on the tasks and procedures that I understand are important."


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