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Reduce Your Account Receivable Balances

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Graphical Representation of SMB's Collection Record for Podiatrists
SMB's Record of Collecting Outstanding Accounts Receivables for Podiatrists

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Dedicated A/R Department

  • SMB Never Writes-off a Claim without Your prior Approval
  • SMB's record setting A/R results of 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days. What this means is, your money is in your pocket not the payors' pockets.
  • Each claim is monitored daily - What this means is fewer days of outstanding A/R, something banks really love.
  • Quick turn around of claim paperwork between - primary, secondary, tertiary payors and patient billing - What this means is, no money is "left on the table" and thus in your pocket.
  • Help Desk specifically trained to work with older Medicare Patients - What this means is, the older patient will understand your statement, not fight you.
  • All workers are in United States - What this means is, the people who are working the outstanding A/R understand and can communicate with payors to resolve issues quicker.

Quickly Process Claims

  • Paperwork immediately turned around
  • Provides Quick and Secure Communications
  • Claims Electronically submitted
  • EOBs Electronically processed

Podiatry Billing Expertise

  • Prior to entry, an expert human, not a machine, review each and every claim
  • All of SMB's employees are US citizens and located in the US
  • Knowing the correct Diagnoses for Each Procedure
  • Understanding each Payors' unique Claim Requirements
  • Mastered the Use of Modifiers
  • Knowing How the Order of Procedures listed in a Claim Effects Reimbursement Rates
  • Knowing How the Order of Diagnosis in a Claim Affects Reimbursement Rates
  • In-depth experience Submitting Claims that Prevent Bundling
  • Experts at maximizing reimbursements for surgical procedures
  • Understanding the complex role of claim documentation
  • Minimizes the risk of Payors' "Losing" Claims
  • Experts in getting Problems quickly solved with Payors and Clearing Houses
  • Critical refinement of podiatry knowledge base enhanced by SMB's work with over 200 practices

SMB Rejects the Automated Scrubbers Trap


Definition - Automated Scrubbers are computer programs that EHR and other automated claims programs use to automate insurance claim processing.

Fact - According to CMS's medicare coverage database, there are over 471 million different coding combination that podiatrists must follow to correctly file claims. This number increases exponential when the 16 different medicare districts and all of the commerical insurances are included. No computer program can handle this many code combinations just for podiatrists.

  • Only expert human podiatriy billers can achieve SMB's great A/R rates - Automated Scrubbers are cumbersome, slow and error prone.
  • Frequent insurance claim rules befuddle Automated Srubbers - Expert human billers easily adapt to new insurance claim rules.
  • Expert human billers handle false negatives - Automated Scrubbers can flood your staff with false negatives. This leads to an environment where problems are ignored for the staff thinks it is just another false negative.
  • Only expert human billers are able to adapt to your specific needs - Automated Scrubblers are not adaptable to individual providers.
  • Only expert human billers are able to quickly answer your billing questions - Automated Scrubblers code is not available for your review.

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Eliminate the Stress of:

  • Cash Flow Worries
  • Profitability Needs
  • Loan Payments
  • Angry & Confused Patients
  • Underpaid Employees
  • Dealing with Payors who will not Pay what is Rightfully Yours
  • Claims Arbitrary Written-off

Increase Resources for:

  • Eliminate Money Worries
  • Upgrade Practice
  • Easier to get Bank Loans
  • Add Personnel
  • Increase Profit
  • Expand Practice
  • Pay Employees More
  • Increase Value of Practice

Improve Patient Relations

  • by Quickly "Clearing the Books"
  • by Quickly Solving Outstanding Questions
  • by Reducing Paperwork that Confuses Older Medicare Patients

Receivables too High - Case Study

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The large amount of money the Practice had tied up in account receivables of over 90 days was unacceptable.

  • Reasons: The Practice's government and insurance payors as well as patients were not promptly paying the Practice. The reasons for this were many and varied. They included: the Practice had trouble routinely and consistently contacting the payors; the Practice was at a severe disadvantage when trying to aggressively negotiate with the payors on disputed EOBs; errors that creep into the system were not discovered for 90 days or longer; etc.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said that they need a service that tracked the status of all reimbursements within their account receivables and take immediate action if the process for payment to the Practice stalled at any point.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: SMB has reduced the Practice's outstanding 90 day account receivables balance to less than 3% of the Practice's total reimbursements.


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