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"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at SMB for so many years (17+) of dependable, uncomplicated professional service. So much of my success has come from your support over the years. Again, Thank You!"  - SMB Client        Unsolicited Testimonials and Case Studies

ICD-10 Headaches
Headaches Brought on by CMS's ICD-10 requirement

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Our Billers are Prepared!


SMB Medical Billing has trained and tested our Billers for the ICD-10 code implementation. SMB's Billers are willing and able to answer your questions and help ensure that you use the correct codes when submitting your claims. This makes sure that you will be paid, paid correctly and on time.

Our Account Receivable Specialists are Prepared!


SMB Medical Billing Account Receivable Specialists are also trained, tested and ready for your ICD-10 code implementation. These are the ones who make sure that your claim reimbursements are paid, paid correctly and paid quickly. Industry Experts predict that reimbursement payment will be delayed an additional 90 to 120 days due to the ICD-10 implementation. The Account Receivable Specialists' job is to make sure that your reimbursements are not delayed. SMB is proud of its record of keeping clients' 90-day receivables to less than 3% of their total reimbursements.

SMB's Web Tools - SimplyPodiatry™ - are Prepared!


SMB's cloud-based web tools, SimplyPodiatry™, have been converted, updated and tested to be prepared for the ICD-10 requirement. All information about your patients, claims and reimbursements is generated and available to you in real-time and 24/7. SMB balances to your books. SMB's people are available via toll-free phone, facsimile and E-mail. We believe in complete transparency. This keeps you in control of your practice's finances.

SMB Protects Against ICD-10 related Write-Offs!


ICD-10 mistakes will be made by both the insurance companies and the practice. SMB will fight for you to collect the correct reimbursement regardless of errors due to ICD-10 mistakes. This is a critical service that will dramatically reduce write-offs. SMB examines and reexamines all write-offs. SMB uses a three level review and approval process for each write-off to verify that each write off is justified and appropriate. Here, we are guarding against the use of write-offs as a way for claim processors to reduce their workload. It is our experience that the triple review and approval process is absolutely vital to ensure the integrity of the billing process.

Changing Reimbursement Rates Checked and Verified!


ICD-10 changes are also causing reimbursement rates to change. SMB wants to ensure that you receive your maximum allowable reimbursements for your claims. Thus, SMB reports to you when your rates are less than your maximum reimbursement rate. The point here is to give you the information you need to ensure that you are not leaving money on the table by not charging enough for your services.

Explanation of Benefits Examined!


SMB scrutinizes, checks and triple checks every line item of every EOB. Our goal is to make sure that you get all that is rightfully yours. We go after any amount, no matter how small.

Save Time Dealing with Patients

  • Answering patients' questions about their podiatry bill.
  • Reminding delinquent accounts to pay their bill.
  • Help Desk specifically trained to work with older Medicare Patients - What this means is, the older patient will understand your statement, not fight you.
  • Creating and mailing statements for patients.
  • All workers are in the United States - What this means is, the people who are working the outstanding A/R understand and can communicate with payors to resolve issues quicker.

Saving Time Handling Payors

  • Outlasting payor delaying tactics such as long telephone hold times.
  • Aggressively appealing incorrect reimbursements to payors for proper payment.
  • Quick turnaround of claim paperwork between - primary, secondary, tertiary payors and patient billing - What this means is, no money is "left on the table" and thus in your pocket.
  • Human expert podiatry billers monitor all EOB's and claim payments for correct, appropriate and timely reimbursements.
  • Data Entry of patient information, diagnostic and procedure codes for claims submittal.

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Peace of Mind - Relief from Audit Fears


CMS Audits - The mere mention of audits strikes terror in the hearts of most Podiatrists. The thought of spending years in a Federal Prison because their claims were not coded correctly makes the knees of the strongest person quiver. Add to this the situations of Podiatrists who undercoded their claims and still got in trouble with CMS.

The safe path is to use SMB Medical Billing. SMB has been in business for over 14 years. In all that time and hundreds of thousands podiatry billing claims, SMB has never had a client in trouble with CMS or another payor over coding. SMB has had only one practice audited. With SMB's help, that client won their audit."I like being able to call SMB and getting up-to-date expert advice." - Current SMB Client

With SMB's indepth knowledge of modifiers and procedures codes, SMB keeps their clients out of trouble. SMB standard operating procedures make sure that you do not leave "money on the table" due to fear of audits or lack of billing expertise.

Transparency of all of SMB's work for you is open and available to you in real-time. This means that you are never in the dark about what is happening with your claims. You will feel comfortable seeing and understanding what is being submitted in your name.

One SMB client states; "Now, I, as I'm sure you, as a future SMB client will, feel calm and relaxed." Another client says that now, "All is quiet in the office late at night, for all have gone home." A third client's testimony is:"I clearly see a bright future with the stacks of paperwork gone, being processed by the experts at SMB."

Improving Patient Relationships


Podiatrists who came to SMB felt that they needed a way to better connect with their patients. Prior to SMB, they could hear their patients' frustration in their voices and saw angry looks on their faces.

A major source of the patients' frustrations was a reflection of the Doctor's fear that the payor would not cover the proposed procedure. Or, if the Doctor knew that the procedure was covered, that it would be miscoded. The Doctors came to SMB because they felt that they needed an expert, who was on their side, to accurately give them billing and coding advice.

SMB's well-deserved reputation of dramatically improving patient relationships for SMB's Clients is achieved by doing three things well:

  1. An aptitude for working with patients.
  2. Mastery of navigation through the payors' mazes.
  3. Providing a real-time, transparent, 24x7 system.

This is important, for SMB's Podiatrists have the expert help and advice to cultivate patient relationships.

SMB's Clients now hear from happy patients. As written on a client's evaluation form: "We feel that our patients are comfortable now that we have switched to SMB's service." Another observed: "The angry looks are now gone!"

Expand Practice


The two best ways to expand a practice is to maximize reimbursements and minimize accounts receivable. This means that your money is in your pocket for you to use.

Many of SMB Clients have expanded their practices to include additional doctors and staff; upgrade their facilities; or add multiple locations by allowing SMB's experts to maximize their reimbursements. SMB does this by being experts at podiatry medical billing coding, understanding payors, monitoring rate variance, scrutinizing EOBs and resisting write-offs.

Reducing accounts receivable is a key aspect of expanding a practice. SMB's industry leading accounts receivable track record of 3% of reimbursements after 90 days and 1% of reimbursements after 120 days really help SMB's clients expand their pracitces. SMB does this by aggressively tracking all payments, sending patient statements out quickly, and getting paid correctly the first time.

Because SMB has helped its clients expand their practice, they feel secure in their operations and future. We have been told, "SMB really understands the unique aspects of my podiatry practice. This is important because it allows me to maximize my reimbursements."  Also, "With SMB, my practice has true financial hope!" and "My cash flow is very good - now that I use SMB!"

Achieved a Lifestyle Equilibrium


A lot of Podiatrists are having trouble balancing the workload demands of their practice and desired lifestyle. They want to feel like they are successful without feeling like a slave to all of the twisted minutiae of billing issues. We hear the wish for a more personal time in the voices of those who call us. Also,"My future is very dull and hazy because I cannot see a way to a brighter path because of all the time spent on billing issues!"

SMB's Clients have achieved an optimize balance between work and their personal life. SMB reduces workload by manageing patient relationships and dealing with payors about billing issues. SMB' systems and procedures are organized to dramatically reduce your workload and provide true transparency of SMB's work on your claims.

With lifestyle equilibrium, SMB's Podiatrists see a bright future. They describe a new harmony between work and play. Also; "With SMB handling our billing workload, we now have a solid balance that reconnects us to our desired lifestyle."

Concentrate on Patients' Needs


The dramatically increased complexity of today's podiatry medical billing is keeping Podiatrists from spending the time they want working with patients and their needs. We hear, "Our billing issues are causing a lot of static noise." "It is a strain to shoulder both the increased billing minutia and patients' needs." Some Podiatrists portray a picture of unhappiness at not focusing more on patients' needs.

Because they use SMB's services, SMB Clients are given the freedom to concentrate on their patients' needs. SMB interacts with patients and payors on billing issues. SMB's systems and procedures are organized to allow our clients to spend more time on patients' needs if they so choose.

Current SMB Clients notice the increased time they have to now spend on patients' needs as they want to. "After signing with SMB, we feel that we are now solidly in touch with our patients." "By using SMB, we observe that our patients receive a greater share of our daily focus." Finally, "We are hearing great things from our patients now that we are able to listen to them without the interfering noise of the billing workload."

Enjoy Your Work


Problems with billing issues cause a lot of Podiatrists to not enjoy their work. Office managers call us and tell us of anger when talking to insurance companies. As quoted, "The pain of handling billing issues is causing us to hate coming to work each day."

By providing medical billing services to SMB's clients, our clients are freed to enjoy their work once again. SMB's experts reduce clients' workload by off-loading patients' and payors' reimbursement issues. As said by one of SMB's Clients,"SMB's systems and procedures saves me a lot of time and makes getting information easy."

SMB's customers now are free to enjoy their work. Examples of quotes: 1) "With SMB's experts on the job, I no longer have the tension resting in my shoulders!" 2) "The sounds from my interviews have changed from squawks to pleasant music!" Lastly, "As I now survey my office, a new and brilliant color has reappeared to my work."

Specializes on Tasks that Bring Recognition


Some Podiatrists are looking for a way to specialize on tasks or procedures that bring recognition. "Complex minutia billing regulations are keeping me from performing more surgical procedures," explained one Doctor. Another said that he keeps hearing that tiny voice in the back of his head reminding him that he does not get praise for arguing with payors. Another's eyes glaze over when he has to show payors the errors of their ways.

SMB gives clients the freedom to pursue task that bring recognition they want. SMB handles:

  1. Patients billing issues
  2. Interacting with the payors
  3. Mastering podiatry billing codes

Now, they have the freedom to do what they want.

SMB's clients testimony give voice to their applauds for increasing their freedom. Without the billing issues hanging over their heads, they observe a wide open path where it was previously closed. "It gives me a warm and comfortable feeling to work on the tasks and procedures that I understand are important."

Dramatically Reduced Accounts Receivable


SMB's industry leading AR rate is 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days. SMB has helped a lot of podiatry practices regain their financial footing by keeping their account receivable low.

How does SMB do this?:

  1. A dedicated department just for accounts receivable
  2. Knowing how to deal with payors
  3. Mastering podiatry billing codes
  4. Quickly processing claims
  5. Special focus on patient relationships

SMB's Doctors are free from the worry about high accounts receivable. Some of their quotes:"My AR and cash flow has been the best since switching to SMB!" Also heard, "My collections and cash flow has greatly improved!" Anonther example: "Our AR was out of control until SMB took over. After a few months revenue was up and AR was down. Now after 3 years, I would not practice without them."


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