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Maximize Reimbursements and Revenue

"My practice is being sold to a young podiatrist with very little business knowledge. Our SMB Biller has done a great job of helping get everything ready for the sale and take over by the new owner. She has answered a million questions. I just wanted you to know how special She is and how much I appreciate everything the entire SMB organization has done for us." - Current SMB Client     Unsolicited Testimonials

Maximize Reimbursements and Revenue
A happy Doctor who maximizes reimbursements with SMB.

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Quickly process claims

  • Paperwork immediately turned around
  • Provides quick and secure communications
  • Claims electronically submitted
  • EOBs electronically processed

Podiatry Billing Expertise

  1. Prior to entry, an expert human, not a machine, reviews each and every claim
  2. Knowing the correct diagnoses for each procedure
  3. Mastered the Use of Modifiers
  4. Knowing how the order of procedures listed in a claim affects reimbursement rates
  5. Knowing how the order of diagnosis in a claim affects reimbursement rates
  6. In-depth experience submitting claims that prevent bundling
  7. Experts at maximizing reimbursements for surgical procedures
  8. Understanding the complex role of claim documentation
  9. Understanding each payors' unique claim requirements
  10. Minimizes the risk of payors' "Losing" claims
  11. Experts in getting problems quickly solved with payors and clearing houses
  12. Critical refinement of podiatry knowledge base enhanced by SMB's work with over 200 practices
  13. All of SMB's employees are US citizens and located in the US

Get Paid for All Services Provided

  • Helps providers accurately code for services rendered
  • Knowing the correct diagnoses for each procedure
  • Mastered the Use of Modifiers
  • SMB takes the time to understand each unique providers' practices
  • Understanding the complex role of claim documentation
  • Experts at billing for surgical procedures

A Dedicated Department for Account Receivables

  1. SMB's record setting A/R results of 3% after 90 days and 1% after 120 days
  2. Each claim is monitored daily
  3. Quick turn around of claim paperwork between - primary, secondary, tertiary payors and patient billing

SMB is highly successful billing with ICD-10 codes

  • Implementation of ICD-10 codes did not delay nor reduce reimbursements for SMB's clients
  • All ICD-10 codes are working in SMB's SimplyPodiary practice management system
  • ICD-10 claims with ICD-10 codes have been exchanged and verified with payors
  • SMB's billers know and understand the ICD-10 codes and their proper applications
  • You may verify in real-time how claims with ICD-10 get processed

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Upgrade Practice

  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Training

Pay for additional staff

  1. Office Staff
  2. Technicians
  3. Doctors

Increase cash flow

  • Reduce stress
  • Borrow more from bank
  • Increase value of Practice

Expand Practice

  1. Additional locations
  2. Marketing
  3. Services

Increase Profitability

  • Take home more money
  • Pay employees more

Case Study - Maximizes Reimburesments

  • Situation: A Doctor and the Office Manager, Podiatry Practice

  • Critical Issue: The Practice was not receiving it's rightfully due reimbursements from government and insurance payors.

  • Reasons: The massive amount of regulations, rules, procedures and constant changes by government and insurance payors confuse the Practice's time strapped office staff. The payors used aggressive tactics to challenge and delay reimbursements to the Practice. In many cases, the office staff had to choose between serving the patients or sitting on phone hold for over an hour with the payors to get the EOB issues correctly resolved.

  • Capabilities: The Doctor and the Office Manager said they needed a service that would protect the Practice's interest and represent the Practice to the government and insurance payors. The service needed to be current and understand all of the payors' massive regulations, rules, procedures and constant changes. The service also needed the skills and perseverance to maximize the Practice's rightfully due reimbursements.

  • SMB Provided: SMB provides the Doctor and the Office Manager these capabilities.

  • Results: SMB stopped the payors' practice of bundling procedures and increased the Practice's reimbursements from these procedures 50% to 100%. For other procedures, SMB increased the Practice's reimbursements from payors by 20%.


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